Friday, December 26, 2003

day off

Had a lovely day yesterday. Went to Mohegan Sun with a few friends, lost money on the blackjack tables, won a bit at slots, overall I came up just a bit short--nothing I wouldn't have spent on a movie though. Speaking of which, I went to see LoTR III with my little sister on Wednesday night. It was my second time within a week, but my sis wanted to see it, and since I don't see her all that often, I'm inclined to indulge her (JJ and MS came along). She'll be with me for shabbos, and I hope she's not utterly bored. I didn't invite any friends for her though, since 1) I don't know anyone her age, and 2) Rabbi Josh is also in town, and I was already making a meal (lunch) for him. I'm sure she'll be able to hold her own, though.

After Mohegan Sun, we came back home to light menorah, and then went out to dinner. Came back and started cooking at an absurdly late hour. Was up til 2AM, and then woke up before my alarm. Hate when that happens. Continued cooking this morning, and then got to work only slightly late.

Pondering: Conversation last week with the 'elderly gentleman' I ate with on Friday night. He was giving me dating advice, and said never to go out on a second date with someone who doesn't hold the door open for me. While a part of me is protesting that it's absurd to base the rest of my life on such a triviality, another part is thinking... If he can't be bothered to be considerate enough to hold the door open when he's supposed to be impressing me, maybe it does make sense.


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