Monday, December 01, 2003

The GMAT Saga Ends

With a definite bang.

After delaying my GMATs twice, and missing it once (oops! that was the source of this post), I was all set to take them last Wednesday, Erev Thanksgiving at 12:30PM. Had arranged to take the afternoon off work, was scoring fantastically in the practice tests, and felt great about everything.

Until Wednesday morning. I was running for the subway and twisted my foot. Badly. So badly that, once I got to work, the former MDs who work in my office told me that I had to get it x-rayed. At which point I left a message with my doctor, and then called Prometric, the people that administer the GMAT. I was sure that once I explained that I had to go for xrays, and gave them documentation, they'd be willing to reschedule the test for me.

Well, that crash you just heard? That was me coming back to reality.

Prometric, being a monopoly, doesn't have to do anything they don't feel like. Apparently, in their contract, the only way you can miss an previously scheduled test is if you have been hospitalized both the night before and the night afterwards. And although I pointed out to them that I hadn't been planning to break my foot that morning, they didn't quite care. So I was left to make the decision as to whether I would take care of my foot and pay $225 to reschedule my test, or to take the test, be completely ticked off, and possibly do poorly because i was so upset.

Finally, my doctor called back and said to come in and he'd send me downstairs to the radiology lab in his offices. I cabbed it down there, got there at 12:00PM, and as he was writing out the referral, I mentioned that I was supposed to be taking my GMATs this afternoon. He looked at me like I was crazy and said, 'Well, why didn't you tell me that in the first place? Go do what you have to do, and after you're done, since the radiology lab will be closed, go to the emergency room, and they'll do your xrays there.'

I love my doctor.

So I hobbled out of the doctor's office, caught a cab cross-town to the testing center, got there with 4 minutes to spare (did I mention you're supposed to be there 1/2 hour in advance of the test?). They signed me in, and then proceeded to make me wait until 1:15 since they were backed up.

End result? I did surprisingly well on my GMATs--even in the math section! Congratulations to me :)

End result on my foot? After spending 3 hours in the emergency room on Wednesday night (the resident forgot to order my x-rays, and only remembered after 1.5 hours), I just have a nasty sprain. So I'm equipped with an ace-bandage and a very colorful foot.


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