Thursday, October 28, 2004

yay bosox!

As a former boston resident, I was definitely holding my breath, though certainly not as much as the real bostonians. Evidenced by the cheering from outside my window last night. So fun though! and johnny damon really is cute, though way too much hair (those dimples though!).

And now I can tell my little brother that he has a baseball signs by a world series winning pitcher--I met Pedro Martinez just after he was traded to Boston, so I bought a baseball & had him sign it. I gave it to my brother & sister to keep, but seriously, I think i'll need a cut of the royalties now :)

ps. Why is it that ESPN radio's commercials seem to be for either growing back your hair, or viagra? Does it mean that their entire listener base consists of impotent bald men?

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

where i've been

Here. At work. Doing work (large amounts of it). Fuming about yet another move to yet another department. They are supposed to be using me in exactly my previous capacity, just under a different manager who got new responsibilities that include my area. But apparently he's decided he'd like me to do something different, that already has 3 other people doing, as opposed to my current role which nobody else here does.

It's time to start checking the want ads.

Or maybe I should just bite the bullet, go into debt, and go to b-school.

weekend watching

Sunday TV programming at its best:

Emma on one channel followed by...
Clueless on another.

Best line of Clueless, perfect for all the relig's out there:
"You're a virgin who can't drive!"

Brought to my attention by AZ (what great initials!), it's a fun insult for many people i know.

P.S. Is "fun insult" an oxymoron?