Thursday, November 18, 2004

Israeli Right

I'm not one to praise or denigrate Israel unnecessarily. And I usually just avoid referring to Israel here, since it's so loaded a topic. But this story really needs to be pointed out to as many people as possible.

Is there any other culture or country that would offer rescue assistance, in an area not directly under their control, to people that were trapped and endangered while trying to smuggle weapons that they would then use to destroy them? Can you imagine the U.S. attempting a rescue of attempted terrorists in a tunnel? No. It's only Israel that has such a regard for human life that they would rescue those trying to destroy them. Stupid? Perhaps. Admirable? Definitely.

Ya think the international press will pick this one up?


Wednesday, November 17, 2004

You MUST check this out

But if you're at work, put on your headphones. You don't want this blaring for your office to hear...

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

random oddities

approximated conversation with friend #1:

Friend: Where can I find X & Y's wedding registry?
Me: oh, they're registered at store Z.
Friend: Actually, I can't remember if I got them something or not. How could I find that out?
Me: Um... Ask them?
Friend: That would be weird.
Me: And getting them 2 gifts would be normal?


approximated conversation at work, with my current manager and former manager.

Me: Yes, I haven't quit yet, since then everything that goes wrong will get blamed on me.
Former manager: Oh, we already do that in our department.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

For Disappointed Democrats

You can get flu shots AND poutine. Life just doesn't get any better, eh?

dead or alive?

Conflicting reports on arafat's condition. Either way, if peoople are arguing whether you're dead or alive, your prognosis probably doesn't look that great.

My favorite quote thus far comes from CNN, which leaves this gem unexamined:

Arafat's senior adviser, Nabil Abu Rudeineh, dismissed reports that the 75-year-old leader was in a coma, calling them "rumors."

"He is in the intensive care unit, as I said, because he is in need of several very advanced tests in the coming hours and days," Abu Rudeineh said

As far as my knowledge goes, you DO NOT go into the ICU to prepare for 'some tests.' You go there only if you need immediate, constant, and serious attention.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

post-halloween scare

Went to vote this morning, and a little old lady in front of me was signing her name. She then asked the person registering everyone what the date was. The following is their conversation:

'It's the second.'
'Oh. Of which month?'
'Um. November.'
'OK.' (pause) 'What year?'

My feelings? When you lose track of the year, it might be time to retire from voting.