Thursday, June 24, 2004

my reputation precedes me...

A minorly edited version of an IM conversation I had with a former roommate today. A bit of background: AK is in graduate school and earns money on the side by writing freelance articles. She's been looking for sources.

AK: i need a person from a credit card company to comment on the complaints consumers have on calling them
AK: like that their reps don't know what they're talking about
AK: no one wants to talk to me
AK: i'm trying though

me: i don't think i know anyone like that...
AK: well, should you happen to date anyone who works at credit cards
AK: i am always looking for sources

me: it's surprising i haven't yet
me: considering my track record
AK: well, that can be your new ambition!
AK: hi, i've dated men from all top 10 credit card issuers
AK: hilarious

me: i'll have to date more effectively for your stories
AK: yes!
AK: date with sources in mind

me: give me a list of professions...
me: and i'll do my best

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Paging Tony Robbins

Every day in our office, they play a DVD in the lunchroom.

Today they were playing 'Office Space.' Just wondering who's trying to motivate us here...


In response to various inquiries... No, I am not suicidal, I was just in a lousy mood, surrounded by annoying people. And Leonard Cohen can somewhat be described as 'Music to commit suicide to'. Not that I'm advocating that in any way, shape, or form. Life is too interesting not to see what happens next.

Anyway. In a much better mood today.

Mazel tov to JJ!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

how I know it's been a lousy day:

When I need to listen to Leonard Cohen before I go to sleep... just to cheer myself up.

As I once described it to a friend: It's music to commit suicide by.

Friday, June 18, 2004

line from a forward:

"If swimming is good for your figure, explain whales to me."

Thursday, June 17, 2004

the phantom opera

Yay for opera in the park!

Though really, it was more like a nice place for a picnic, with some (very) background music. Actually, I met someone last week who had her own opera debut as Madame Butterfly at Central Park. How cool is that? She now teaches voice at Julliard.

We were not all that close to the front. But good wine, yummy fruit, lousy aim, and lots of fun were had by all (or at least by me). I got to annoy everyone with my new phone wallpaper of my nephew. Isn't he cute!!?? Hopefully, I'll get DS to put it up on his web hosting service, and then link over.

On to Bryant Park next Monday, and maybe Shakespeare soon too. Anyone know who the actors are in Central Park's shows this year?

And MS might join me at trapeze school, but honestly, I think she might be too busy getting married. Though who knows--how 'bout a trapeze-school wedding shower?

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Uses for my camera phone:

Taking pics of my nephews & niece. Though I still haven't managed to figure out how to send the pics anywhere. I've tried emailing them, phoning them, I can't figure it out. Maybe I should read the manual...

Went kayaking on Sunday, which was super fun, though next time I'll have to remember to bring along a change of clothes. oops. Next outing, I think, will be trapeze school. Anyone want to join?

I ran into an old high school classmate, who I hadn't seen since she got married... in 1998. Some things don't change--I recognized her from across the parking lot because of her... hair. No one has hair like SD. Also, I knew there was a good chance she'd be at that wedding. Very odd. I never think of high school anymore (with good reason, I really tried not to think of it while I was there either), so seeing her just seemed like something from an alternate universe.

Thursday, June 10, 2004


Forgot about a wedding I have on Monday. I have no clean wedding clothes, so I'll be shopping tonight. Of course, it's quicker to do laundry, but buying new things is much more fun!

Which reminds me, I haven't paid my bills lately. The cost of a cheap phone company = can't pay their bills online.


Happy birthday to my baby sister.


Note to self: Ask SR to install a much better air-conditioner in the dining room.

You know you're my hero!

Other than being hot, and me being insane for even attempting to wear a white skirt at sheva brachot, they were really fun (at least according to me). Plus, I have lots of leftover ice cream...

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

bibbity bobbity boo

I'm M's 'fairy blogmother'


In other news, I'm missing a wedding of some good friends because somehow there are now 2 weddings in 2 different cities, on the same random Tuesday in August. sigh. I was really looking forward to both, but now I'm just frustrated that I won't be able to go to the second. They clearly should have consulted with me first. Yes, I know I should just be happy for them, but I did really want to be there.

Making another sheva brachot tomorrow, and will be crazy preparing tonight. So why am I still at work? It might have everything to do with coming in 1/2 hour late, almost missing a meeting, and taking 1:15 for lunch. I think I'd better do something today. Though I was still fairly productive. I'm just that good!

Had a stressful but productive conversation last night, which was long overdue. This of course, was partially because of my own cowardice at dealing with issues, but apparently other person was even more hesitant to talk about things. Hopefully this will lead to significant improvements. And no. This paragraph was not about anyone who I may or may not be dating. Nice try though.

Calling on certain friends who are MIA due to their having a social life. It's good to surface once in a while.

Monday, June 07, 2004


I saw a preview at Harry Potter III last night for... 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' - The MOVIE!!

I am so very excited. It looks like it's going to be a lot of fun. Here's a preview for you, compliments of RW.

Amazing Grace

Glenn, one of my co-workers, is a very devout Christian, and a really nice guy. Glenn's nephew, who he talks about constantly, goes to a Jewish pre-school, since his sister works there and gets free tuition.

Which gave rise to this curious bit of nachas on Glenn's part:

'He can say Grace in two languages!!'

In two religions too.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

A Midspring Night Out

Our merry band of rejects (me, TK, & SR) went to see 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' last night at the Storm Theatre. It was excellent! Go see it if you can, they're playing through Sat. night, though I think that performance starts before Shabbos is out. It's good that being non-invites can lead to such fun when SR is involved!

It ended at 10, at which point we crossed the street and went to Le Marais for a late dinner, caught up, had much wine, and generally had a great time. We missed RD, who's in the middle of having the flu, which clearly won't stop her from going to AL's wedding in Memphis this weekend. It's good to know we have our priorities in order. She'll just be infecting everyone on the plane. Kind of like the time I caught the flu from someone else on a flight back from vacation, and thought at first that it was a tropical disease--not fun.

Anyway, I'll be throwing sheva brachot tonight for AB & FPZ. Not that my apartment is clean or anything. At least it'll be more in shape for next week's sheva brachot for AL & ER.

Also a HUGE mazel tov to DT on her conversion!

earlobe competition?

While watching Gloria Estefan perform at the Miss Universe pageant on TV a couple of nights ago (it's ok, I only watch it for the articles), I noticed that she seemed to have lost one of her earrings. I just have one thing to say:

Enough with the wardrobe malfunctions, people!

Tuesday, June 01, 2004


Aish NY is offering a trip to India & Israel. Interesting, though I'm still trying to figure out the connection. Maybe it's to smuggle 'illegal' sheitlach in?


A lovely and successful shavuot was had by all. Very mellow, and very nice, in large part thanks to everyone else who stayed around. I tried two new recipes, of which one was a success (onion pie--it was yummy), and the other was ok (sorbet--was too frozen to serve--i should've taken it out of the freezer much earlier). I actually think I had the most compliments on the potato kugel--which I bought.

I must have violated some shavuot law which says you must serve cheesecake, but being that I don't like most intensely milchig food, I served meat instead. Really, it's ok. The next two meals I went to were milchig, so I had my share of staring at fish & cheese.

Shabbat was nice, but a bit boring. Most of my friends were out of town, so I had no one to play with. Same with Sunday and Monday. Though I did manage to get to the Museum of Natural History on Sunday and see the Butterfly exhibit, which was alright, but not that impressive. The Petra exhibit was kinda cool, and made me regret not going with my sister a couple of years ago...

What was much more fun than both of those, though, was the new Frog exhibit. It was only the second day, so it was pretty crowded, but it was lots of fun--they're so colorful (at least, the poisonous ones are)! Pretty, pretty, pretty. Also, it reminded me of when I was a kid and used to catch frogs in the summer, down by the lake. It was better than the fish my sister & brother used to catch, and then make my mother cook for dinner. That was around the time I stopped eating fish.

Which brings us back to my non-eating habits at shavuot.