Friday, June 18, 2010

stupid shidduch dysfunctionality

kids are being sold a basket of good that don't exist.

My brother recently went out with two girls who didn't work out:

Girl #1: Didn't believe when my yeshivish brother said he was supportive of her going to med school. Didn't like that her parents hadn't found out something about my family that my brother told her. Didn't have the maturity to deal with it herself, but kept going to her mother and her rabbi who then relayed her feelings to my brother. Great foundation for a relationship.

Girl #2: 25 years old, got along great with him, but then told him that she really wanted her husband to learn 1-2 years in kollel before working. My brother's past that stage, and my parent are no longer supporting his schooling... after 6 years of learning post-high school. If you're 25, don't want someone who's going to learn forever, than most of the boys who will be working have already moved past the '2-years in kollel before working', and are already in grad school/working.